Photographs, East Coast Adventure

June 1st, 2013

Ok well I’ve been really bad about taking pictures during my travels, but I’m determined to improve as I go.  Please note unlike the blog, the photographs are ascending – so the most recent will be at the bottom.  Enjoy!   :)


trunk suitcase

My suitcase “trunk”

Miata side view

Trying to disguise my Gibson as a pile of crap :)

Miata stuffed full

A very full Miata Suitcase


Nancy & Mike

My buddies Nancy & Mike whom helped me tremendously get the heck out of dodge – without their assistance I would probably still be there packing and moving boxes. :)


EOM Band

The “Every Other Monday” Band, formerly “Riverside” Band (when I was with them). We had a fantastic Memorial Day Jam on the River – what a great time. :)


Candace & Magnolia

My good friend and FABULOUS massage therapist Candace and her lovely daughter Magnolia. Candace once again saved the day (and my poor old muscles).



My buddy Ray whom we ambushed at “Tapps” where he works – I especially like the star photo bomb…makes him look like a princess :)



Ok well we had a night at one of my favorite haunts “Frankies Wings & Things” – and stupid me forgot to take out my camera until most everyone had already left. *Duh* – Ah well, I did manage to capture some of the folks who were there to help me consume fantastic wings and multiple cold beers :)



Wonderful Randy who was kind enough to put up with my antics for the first week of my Florida stay. :)



My good buddy Adrienne was there with her sweetie Mike (sorry Mike, somehow didn’t get your picture)


Buggies & Lauri

One of my oldest friends Karen (right) and lovely Laurie were there – what a fun time we had!!



Our good friend and most awesome bartender Heidi – she always keeps my beers ice cold – yay! Frankies wouldn’t be the same without her!!


The Beach

The main attraction…..


I was fortunate enough to sit in with the band “It Is What It Is” – their studio although beautiful is not very camera-friendly, so I wasn’t able to really get a photo of the entire band all together – so I have pictures of the individual band members. :)   They play a wide variety of “Fossil Rock” and are just wonderful folks.



Greg is the rockin’ lead guitar player



Steve is the awesome bass player and designed their cool studio



Randy plays rhythm guitar and sings like a rock star :)



Keith from Every Other Monday was kind enough to sit in as the regular drummer Mike was sick. Awesome job!!



Mike was gracious enough to sit in with us at this jam – he was in our other band “Wide Band” many moons ago. He plays some awesome tunes… :)



Rusty is Randy’s brother, fellow roadie and our number one fan. :)



Kenny is Randy’s other brother, fellow roadie and number two fan! :)


Again I was lucky enough to attend a jam of my other former band “Riverside”, which now goes by EOM “Every Other Monday”.    Originally this band used to rehearse at my studio every week and after awhile we had to change to every-other-Monday, hence the name.  But now they rehearse on Wednesdays.  Go figure.

Anyway – same story here, small studio, nice but not camera-friendly, so pictures of individuals instead of bands.  Ah well, we do what we can!



John Paul rocks on guitar and also the harmonica



Ol’ Jimmy Keys jams on keyboard and also rocks on guitar and mandolin



Stormin’ Norman plays an awesome bass and sings like a rock star



Here we have one of the best drummers in Brevard County – Keith, you spoil us!


Randy EOM

Randy rocks us all once again with his multiple talents; vocals, guitar and even flute


My dear friend Dave had a birthday while I was in town, and in our true Florida fashion some of my bestest-buddies (I believe those are called BFFs now) got together at a local pub to celebrate.  As you can see by the pictures we were completely successful.  Happy Birthday Dave!! :)



The birthday boy – and yes, the shirt says it all :)


Motley Crew

The Motley Crew


Ray goofing off

Ray in his natural pose


Party On Garth

Getting progressively happier as the afternoon wore on :)



Jerry, just like me hates to have his picture taken….


Ray & Jerry

…so I had to strong-arm him to pose for a photograph…


Dave's Birthday

My we ARE a happy bunch aren’t we :)


My sister & brother-in-law Jim & Chris were kind enough to host me for my second week stay in Melbourne (er, Port Malabar)…and my sweet little grand-niece Jaiden was a frequent visitor….what a cutie!   We played lots of cards and games (one of my favorite things to do) and I had just a wonderful time with them during my stay.


Chriis & Jim

Chris & Jim – the happy couple :)



Beautiful little Jaiden – an aspiring musician


Jay & Jaiden

My nephew Jay with his pride and joy :)



My buddy Captain Fred – we had a great lunch at The Crab House :)


Jerry @ SBI

Jerry & I had yummy strawberry daiquiris watching liquid sunshine at Sebastian Beach Inn


On to Kissimmee area to visit my good friend Tricia Buzzard – what a fun time we had!!



My buddy Tricia and I having yummy wings at the Tiki Bar in Mineola – Tricia is one of the four original “Beer Buzzards”…we have toasted many years together :)



Moving on to Moorestown, South Carolina -  I had a blast staying with my friends Billy & Sass and their wonderful family.



My buddy Billy, and yes – he is the uncle of famous Scotty McCreery – and very proud of it! Me too!




Billy’s wife Susan – I know her as “Sass” – and I always will! What a great hostess :)



Family shot

The entire family including Gage and Dakota.




A lovely scene from Moorestown where they live – home to many race car drivers and employees of Penske racing.


Then off for another fun filled week, this time in Hagerstown, Maryland with my Buddy Alex, who also happens to be my awesome webmaster.

We headed out to Lancaster Pennsylvania in search of Amish souls to snatch.  Rumor has it that they think when you take their picture, it takes their soul.   Well that is just like putting a button in front of me and telling me not to push it – of course I am gonna have to do it.  Just cause.  I’m funny that way.

Anyway,  we went down some back roads in search of the elusive Amish.  It was a rainy day so there were not many out-and-about.  Here is some of the scenery – very pretty!


Amish Countryside

Pretty with the wheat and all….


Amish Farmhouse

Amish Farmhouse


Amish horse

We knew we were getting closer…we found an Amish horse.

Ah then at last we spotted the elusive Amish buggy.  In trying to be discrete, I sneaked my camera up by the car window to snap the picture as we drove by – clever, huh.


Amish 1st attempt

My first attempt. Brilliant.


Amish 2nd attempt

Another drive by, my second attempt. Also brilliant, huh.


Third try - getting close, but no cigar.  Idiot.

Third try – getting close, but no cigar. Idiot.


Amish Buggy

So far this was the best picture I got. Not very impressive.


So I threw in the towel and decided to just ask one of them for a picture. We rolled down the window and asked…the guy reluctantly posed for us (well sort of – at least he didn’t run away screaming)  he was obviously unhappy about it, but what the hell, I was low on my quota of Amish souls that day, so I took one ….  heh heh :)


Amish guy

Amish soul that I snatched :)



Beautiful hydrangias that seemed to be blossoming everywhere


And of course no visit to Pennsylvania is complete without the obligatory stop at Intercourse.   I took a picture of the Best Western to prove I was there. :)



Best Western, Intercourse, Pennsylvania


Friday night we headed for Baltimore to check out my buddy Brad’s new place “Bradley’s of Fells Point”.   A product of the television show “Bar Rescue”, it is a quaint little place with warm atmosphere, great service and excellent food.


Bradley's Fells Point

Exterior of “Bradley’s of Fells Point”



My buddy Brad, proud and happy owner :)


Saturday we were gonna do some hiking in West Virginia in the Harper’s Ferry area…but it was just too darned crowded.   We opted to scoot back over into Maryland and hiked a portion of the Appalachian Trail.  What a gorgeous hike!


Alex my good buddy and webmaster extraordinaire....

Alex my good buddy and webmaster extraordinaire….


Appalachian Trail

Appalachian Trail


Appalachian trail water

Cool eerie water :)


An Appalachian owl that was kind enough to pose for us for many pictures.   We also saw a deer but he was too quick...we didn't get any pictures.

An Appalachian owl that was kind enough to pose for us for many pictures. We also saw a deer but he was too quick…we didn’t get any pictures.


Potomac River

The Potomac River


More river

So pretty….


Bonnie's Red Byrd

Where we had lunch :)


Later that night we made the fun trek to Washington DC to see the sights….it was a fantastic hike and we had the awesome Super Moon as a backdrop.  Very cool. :)


Super Moon

The Super Moon

Our first stop was the famous steps where they filmed “The Exorcist” – very cool.


Exorcist stairs1

Stairs from the top looking down


Exorcist stairs2

Stairs from the bottom


Exorcist House

The Exorcist House exterior



Ok.  Well for many years I have collected weird and wacky little things that move, sing and dance….and have received many gifts of the same.  I got two little such items, a frog and a I think dog that both rap.  The frog does happy birthday and the dog does jingle bells.   Over the course of time when I had these little creatures displayed, I would often have them all going at once.  Somehow we ran across these two sounding kinda cool together, along the same lines of music and just something to make you giggle.

Oddly enough, the funniest reaction (to me at least) was from my friend Alex – it just continually cracked him up, which continually cracks me up.   So when I downsized and was getting rid of everything, I couldn’t think of a better home for this pair than with Alex. …so I shipped them off to him.

We decided to take them on this road trip and we filmed them doing their thing in front of all the monuments.  It was pretty funny.   Everyone around us got a kick out of them – which made it all the more amusing.   We did it in front of the Capitol building (it was around 2am at the time) and finally a policeman approached us and in the nicest possible way kinda asked us what the hell we were doing…(again, nice as can be)…and he had a chuckle at our antics.

ANYWAY..this is the duo at the top of the “Exorcist Steps”…another guy was hanging there with us and you will hear the typical reaction we get…too funny.   This is my very first attempt to load a video, so fingers crossed that it works.  Enjoy!

Just click on the words below and the video should play for you:




Ok that only took me 2 hours to figure out….but I learned how to downsize a video on Movie Maker….so I guess that will come in handy.


Anyway – Then we moved to “The Mall” and hiked about 5 miles around it, from 11pm to about 230am.  Fun!


Vietnam Memorial

Vietnam Memorial


Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial


Lincoln close

So impressive


Washington Monument

Washington Monument with the Super Moon! It was under construction, but still impressive.



The Capitol Building


White House

The White House under the Super Moon


Super moon in Hagarstown

The Super Moon over Alex’s apartment complex at about 430 in the morning :)


After leaving Maryland I spent an uneventful night in Pottsville, PA, (no photos, sorry)  I was off to the Big Apple – well, no not really, just headed to New York State.

I spent the next three fun-filled days with my friends Maureen & Joe – what a great time we had.


Mo & Joe

The happy couple :)


We had a great dinner at Billy Joe’s Barbeque right on the Hudson River.


Hudson River

View of the Hudson River from the restaurant deck


Hudson river

So pretty!


In the spirit of snatching souls of the Amish, I was determined to get a picture of a Hasidic Jew -so here are some pretty crappy photographs that I managed to get under the guise of a lost tourist. :)


Hasidic Jews

Hasidic Jews in their natural habitat


Hasidic Jew

Up close (well, sort of)

We then thought we would check out some live music at a local winery – which turned out to be a no-show….but we still had a fun time :)



My kind of place :)


Mo & Joe

Mo & Joe at the Winery



Nice vineyards

We rounded out the evening with a visit to the Captain’s Quarters in Monroe – a happenin’ spot for sure.


Mo, Joe & Rita

We were joined by lovely Rita (Maureen’s sister) – we had such fun!!


Ah what a fun time we had – but alas, time to move on.   We had one last photo on the porch sipping a champagne toast – such wonderful hosts & great friends! :)


Porch shot

The good life :)


Ah the infamous Woodstock.  What a collection of talented people – many, many musicians and artists….and of course many eccentric folks….goes with the territory!


White Gryphon

I’m staying in the little apartment above “The White Gryphon” boutique. See those blue stairs on the side? They lead into my little place. :)


Woodstock guitar

They have these cool guitars mounted along the sidewalks through the town – they are all different…I just thought this one was colorful.



Harmony Open Mic

The Open Mic at “Harmony” on Wednesday night


Bill & Fred

My new drinking buddies Bill and Fred :)



Bob & Fran

My buddy Liam and lovely Fran – a wonderful couple!


Bearsville creek

The beautiful view of the creek where we had dinner in Bearsville


Bearsville Creek

The other side of the creek


Here is a short clip of the music that was played at Nathan’s Birthday Party on July 4th.  I have to whittle these down to 4M to get them on the blog, so the quality of the video is pretty crappy….but the audio comes out ok.   Just click on the words below and it should play for you.




This is a short clip of the band “Naked” that I saw Friday night – again, crappy video quality but will give you an idea of the sound.  Enjoy!




Saturday off to Brenners Mountain and the Annual Jam:


Brenner Mountain

Beautiful Brenner Mountain


Brenner Mountain

Another breathtaking view


Bob's Band

Liam’s Band on Stage


Liam McWilliams

Liam McWilliams and his magic Banjo


Ok the next two videos are of the Bluegrass Band at the Harmony Bar.  They are fairly short, the first one has a fiddle player and the second one has the additional banjo player.   Again, please forgive the grainy quality but I had to reduce to below 4M which sadly makes it kinda crappy – but the sound comes through well!   Click on the words below and video should play.  Enjoy!








Here is a short clip from the Dave Mason Concert:




I ran across this lovely little creek while driving around exploring the back roads….here is the view from the bridge.


Woodstock Bridge


Woodstock bridge 2

So pretty….


My videos of the drum circle didn’t turn out (what a shock)…but I will attempt it again next week.  Luckily I took some stills as well!


Drum Circle1


Drum Circle 2


Drum Circle3

There we even dancers. It was a real community experience – very cool.


Click on the words below to check out the Murali Coryell Band at the Harmony Bar:


Murali Coryell Band


Sarah and Sheri

My lovely new friends Sarah and Sheri


Click on the words below to get a taste of “Electric Ruby Fish” at the Harmony Bar :)




Off I went to the Rosendale Music Festival that is held every summer – 73 bands in 2 days – quite a variety of music!   I was only there for a couple of hours and my camera eventually got full.  These are the bands I managed to capture!



“Clouds” at the Firehouse Stage



“Tulula” at the Creekside Stage


The Pleasers

“The Pleasers” at the Cafe Stage


Fuzzy Lollipop

“Fuzzy Lollipop” at the Canal Lock Stage


And the only video I will post is the band I liked the best of all the ones I saw….Jeremy Baum.   Click on the words below and it should play for you.




Back to good old Woodstock….er, well – actually this is the Celtic jam that took place at “New World Home Cooking” in Saugerties, New York.   Click on the words below and check them out!




Rick and Jessie

My new friends Rick (left) and his soon to be son-in-law Jessie. They were lots of fun. :)



My new friend Stephen, a local from Woodstock


Liam & Jerry

Liam, Jerry and I having some fun at Harmony



The mysterious Fiona (a.k.a Suzy) who joined us for a drink that afternoon. She is quite the famous psychic around Woodstock with a book coming out next Spring.


Jerry & I caught the band “Cool Gravy” at Harmony that night – this was early on in the show before it got crowded with dancers.  Click on the words below for a taste…




Ah the Eagles concert.  What a fantastic time.  We had seats in the lawn area, right above the really expensive seating….we were front and center but sadly also right in front of a walkway….so in the videos you will see folks passing in front of us.


Just a word on the videos – I had only my phone as cameras were not allowed….and I was trying to be inconspicuous while filming…so the videos are not that great.  To top it off, as usual I must reduce the size to under 4M for the blog to accept it….so that also reduces the quality of the video.   And of course the longer the video, the poorer the quality when it is reduced…so my apologies for the crappy pictures – but hey, the sound is there and will give you an idea of how fabulous they sounded.



The Eagles


John & Sarah

The lovely Sarah along with John who generously provided my ticket to the show


Dave & Suzy

I just LOVE this picture – the wonderful Suzy (er, Fiona) and Dave, my buddies who operate “The White Gryphon” downstairs. They have been so kind to me – I would have been lost here in Woodstock without them. :)


I took 14 videos and only four of them came out well enough to share – oh well.  Ok without further ado – click on the song titles below to catch a little snippet of the amazing Eagles.








Well crap for some reason it won’t let me load Joe Walsh’s “Lifes Been Good”…it looks like it should work but eh, I’ll have to find out why it’s not working another time.  I will add it once I figure it out.


Tibetan Monastery Exterior

The exterior of the Tibetan Monastery


Tibetan Monastery Interior

Main Temple at the Tibetan Monastery


The following pictures are the best representation of my hike up to Overlook Mountain :)


Trail at Overlook

Part of the trail….


More of the trail....

More of the trail…


Overlook flower

Ok I just liked this flower picture…what can I say…


Overlook Mountain House

The remains of the Overlook Mountain House originally built in 1871…had many reincarnations and finally died in the 1920s.


Overlook Mountain

The beautiful view from Overlook Mountain


Overlook Mountain View

So pretty!!


Overlook Watchtower

The famous Watchtower, supposedly the one in the Dylan song “All Along The Watchtower” – and yep, I climbed to the top!!


Overlook Tower view

The view down from the top


Watchtower View

View of the Catskills from the Watchtower


Cool view

Very cool


The following day was my trip to Hunter Mountain…I didn’t get many pictures as I was driving most of the time, but I captured this pretty setting


Hunter Mountain

Hunter Mountain Scenery


Ah then back to Harmony for my last night at Woodstock.   What a fun time I had during my stay.



Steven, one of my new friends from Harmony



The hard working Daichan, bartender extraordinaire….she took such great care of me during my stay in Woodstock :)


Sha Wu

Sha Wu, owner of Harmony and “Wok and Roll”. A nice guy and interesting fellow – thanks for your hospitality! :)


So farewell Woodstock, Hello Queensbury!   My buddy Kitty took me on a Riverboat trip around Lake George on the “Minnie Ha Ha” :)


Minnie Ha Ha

Our Vessel :)


Lake George

Lovely Lake George


Lake George


Lake George


Lake George


Later that night John played bartender and mixed up a luscious concoction with fresh blackberries and all these other yummy ingredients.  I think they were featured on his blog – very nice!


Johns drinks



Kitty & John

The Happy Couple, Kitty & John :)


We headed over to the Saratoga Springs Racetrack for a day at the races – what fun!


Saratoga Springs


Horse Race

The actual races…have to look carefully, but you will see the horses! ;)


Cool Artwork

Cool Artwork


PC Lane

Jerry, this made me think of you – I found the street you should be living on :)


We had a wonderful dinner at the “Uptown” Restaurant in Hague, New York.


Uptown Restaurant

Uptown Restaurant Exterior


Uptown Restaurant

The lovely stream that ran along the restaurant


Uptown Restaurant

So pretty!


Kitty, John & LJ

Kitty, John and their son LJ – what a fun time we had!


Click on the words below to see a small sampling of the spectacular July 4th Fireworks Show in Hague (postponed until August – Yay!) :)




Although I loved staying with Kitty & John, the adventure continues – so off I go – a lovely drive up SR22 to Essex, where I was to catch the ferry across to Vermont.


Upstate NY

Such nice scenery in upstate New York


No traffic

The drive was just like this all the way up – no other cars on the road – yay! :)


NY state

Truly a beautiful state


Ferry leaving NY

Leaving New York on my Miata’s very first ferry ride – Woo hoo! :)


Lake Champlain

Lake Champlain


Lake Champlain

Approaching Vermont



Beautiful Vermont


Vermont Courthouse

The Courthouse in Woodstock, Vermont



Woodstock, Vermont


Empty roads

The beautiful scenery and empty roads of Vermont



So pretty….


Vermont drive

No cars in either direction, almost the entire drive was like this! Woo hoo! :)



Not sure if this was Vermont or New Hampshire….



….but it sure is purdy :)


New Hampshire

New Hampshire scenery and empty roads


NH scenery

Beautiful scenery everywhere


NH drive

Empty roads, cool tunes and great scenery…what more could you ask for :)


Maine scenery

My first taste of Maine


Maine scenery


Maine scenery

Just stunning


Ok I took about a gazillion pictures of Maine and actually narrowed it down to just a few….although it may seem like more than that!  I just couldn’t help myself – it was knock-your-socks-off gorgeous.


Maine drive

Even the Miata loves Maine :)





Nary a car in sight for almost the entire drive – Woo hoo!










Brandon & Jeffrey

My new friends Brandon (left) and Jeffrey. We had some beers and fun at the Grill House in Bangor.


The next day I drove all around the state – through the center and down to the coast – I just couldn’t get enough of the phenomenal scenery.   Pictures simply do not do justice to how gorgeous it all was!










Maine flower

Just to break things up…I just thought this flower was pretty… :)








Made it to the coast – had a Lobster Roll and found the Atlantic Ocean – mission accomplished!


Maine coast


Maine coast


Maine coast


Maine coast


Maine coast


Maine coast


Maine coast



Drew the great bartender at “The Tavern” in Bangor



My new friend Paul that I met at “The Tavern”


Dillan & Ed

My new buddies Dillan and Ed – childhood friends – they were a riot :)



Phillip, the local hairdresser – he knows all things “Bangor”


Bong Water

The local house specialty, “Bong Water”. Of course you know I had to try it….it looks just like Bong Water but tastes like a melted freezer pop.



Paul and I hung out at the “Pour House”, the only place in Bangor where you can drink and smoke. We had a great time :)



Sadly I had to bid a fond farewell to Maine….



I will miss this stunning scenery….



….farewell my lovely :)


Well I hit New Hampshire and evidently didn’t get many pictures  that afternoon.  It rained the following day so no real photo opportunities – but I did run across “Calef’s Country Store” which was opened by some distant relative many, many years ago (my mother’s maiden name is Calef).   I did go inside to try and track down someone to chat with about that…but the guy who would know was sadly off that day.   The other employees seemed fairly unimpressed with my story…eh, can’t say that I blame them.   But I did get a picture of the place anyway…



Calef’s Country Store in New Hampshire


Well from New Hampshire I was off to Rhode Island, but didn’t get any pictures.  Oh well.   Then off again to Connecticut, where I got many, many pictures.   What a gorgeous state.  I narrowed it down to a few – Enjoy!


Miata in CT

The Miata enjoying the view in Connecticut :)


CT scenery

Such gorgeous scenery!!


CT scenery


CT scenery


Granby view

This was at the David K Kibon Recreation area in Granby, CT.


Granby view

Such a beautiful view!!


Granby view


Dam view

This was a dam I found along the way…not sure of the name, but it was pretty!


CT Scenery


The next day the weather was just gorgeous which allowed me to put the top down and enjoy the magnificent scenery.


CT Scenery

A pretty place to pull over to take pictures


CT Scenery

and indeed what a spectacular view :)


CT Scenery

Another pretty pullover spot


Well I finally made it to the coast – I found this rare un-busy street to snap some pictures….


CT Scenery


CT Scenery


CT coast


Down the Hatch

This was the view from the “Down the Hatch” smoking deck.



Taken around dusk…but this is the view from “McGuires” smoking deck.



Jay, the friendly and fabulous bartender at McGuires


Heather, Jimmy & Rob

My new friends Heather, Jimmy and Rob having fun at McGuires


Weird bug

OK this was a really weird looking bug that was hanging out on the smoking deck with me…


Well I loved Connecticut, but time to hit the road and head a bit more south.  I wandered around New York for awhile, and drove through Bear Mountain State Park.   I went up to Perkins Memorial Tower to check out the view – quite spectacular!


Bear Mountain

Bear Mountain view


Bear Mountain


Bear Mountain


Perkins Tower

Perkins Memorial Tower in Bear Mountain Park – I climbed to the top and what a view!


Perkins Tower

View from the top of the tower


Perkins Tower

That is the Hudson River in the distance….


Hello to lovely Delaware!  I didn’t get many pictures, but here’s what I did get….


DE Bridge

View from a bridge where I was stopped momentarily for construction….not a great picture, but you get the idea….


DE Bridge

The other side…I guess not too bad considering I didn’t get out of the car!


Sergio, Emma & Pablo

My new friends Sergio the bartender (left) Emma and Pablo – a great group of folks :)



Pablo at the “Pool Room Saloon” in Maryland



Beautiful Delaware



So pretty!


From Delaware I traveled to lovely Maryland to re-visit my buddy Alex.


Alex working

This is mostly what I saw of Alex on this visit…he was busy working much of the time – poor guy! He was kind to make room in his busy schedule for me    :)


The following pictures are from my day trip through West Virginia. :)


Miata in WV

The very dusty Miata along a traffic-free back road in beautiful West Virgina


Prospect Peak

This is the view from Prospect Peak which overlooks the Potomac and Great Cacapon Valleys


Prospect Peak

Prospect Peak overlooks West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland. Cool!


Prospect Peak

National Geographic Magazine rates this area among America’s outstanding beauty spots – I have to agree!


Now off to the “big city” Baltimore!


BWI fountain

Pretty fountain in downtown Baltimore


Inner Harbor

The “Constellation” in Inner Harbor


Inner Harbor

Inner Harbor


Inner Harbor

View of Inner Harbor on the Water Taxi


Inner Harbor



The “Bradillac” with the famous “Natty Boh” aka National Bohemian – a favorite beer of the locals


Bar seats

At “The Horse You Rode In On” the seats were in the shape of a saddle. Very cool. :)


Well on the road again…off to West Virginia.   Sadly the weather didn’t co-operate very well, so I didn’t get any scenic pictures.   Good thing I got some earlier!    I did manage to get a snapshot of new friends….


Jay & Bridgette

Jay & Bridgette, bartender and cook at “Circle J” just outside of Lewisburg, West Virginia


The next day I was off through Virginia, heading for Abington to get close to  “Camp Sequachie”…er actually Camp Sequoya.   I ran across some spectacular scenery on the way!


scenic drive


Warm Springs

Warm Springs Mountain, Virginia


Warm Springs


Warm Springs


Warm Springs

Just gorgeous!!

So I arrived at Camp Sequoya and was able to sneak in as the lawn crew was there….I tried to be somewhat inconspicuous,  so I wasn’t able to get many pictures….but I managed to get a few! :)


Camp Sequoya Hall

The main assembly hall


Hall Interior

Abandoned for many years, but still a few boats dumped in there. Weird :)



These are just a few of the cabins or “huts” we used to stay in…


Porch View

View of the other huts from the porch – what a blast from the past!!


Porch view

This was our view from our porch – not too shabby! :)


Ah at last – back to my beloved Tennessee.  Linda & Paul were kind enough to host my return until I could find a place of my own.



My first Tennessee sunrise after my journey



Linda & Paul have this view every day…



Simply stunning!


Spider Web

Ok well I’m not a big fan of spiders, but I was impressed by this elaborate web on their porch – I did my best to try and get a photograph of it….



Another sunrise on a different day…quite the contrast



Paul’s close encounter with “Billy” the neighboring goat….he is protecting the kids you can barely see in the corner….



Yet another beautiful Tennessee sunrise…I saw a lot of those on days I was searching for a house!



Not a bad way to start the day :)


Well I finally found my new nest… after a long and busy day, with the help of my buddies Nancy & Mike I managed to cram all my stuff into my new abode.


moving boxes

Once again, wall-to-wall boxes!



Sadly a familiar sight


Well I managed to get many boxes unpacked….of course I still have two bedrooms full, but until I get more shelving, dressers,  etc. I have made the house a bit more, shall we say “functional”.    I have three card tables set up as a funky large desk….and bins of clothing where my washer & dryer will go…and still a bunch of boxes in general to go through.  Sigh.   Ah well, it’s a work in progress…..


living room

My work area along with my video library



Monica the Mannequin



Homer’s new home :)



My cozy little kitchen



The master bathroom…I have another “jack and jill” bathroom that I forgot to take a picture of….ahem.



Not a very good picture of my bedroom….there’s actually room for a dresser on the other end. I didn’t take pictures of the other 2 bedrooms….they are pretty much just full of boxes anyway. :)


porch view

My pretty mums and the view from my porch



More of my lovelies



My little Miata is nestled nearby.


Yeah I forgot to take pictures of the outside….but I will get to it.  I have a gorgeous rose bush in the front with beautiful peach colored roses…..and another pretty blooming plant next to it that just died in the freeze we had last week.  Wah.   Ah well, it will probably come back next year.


Well ya know I’m actually going to end this page here.    It covered my journey from leaving to returning to Tennessee…..what a long, strange trip it’s been!    I have created another page that will have all the photographs I have taken (and will take) while I’m here.     I will create an additional page for the next portion of my journey – most likely that will happen in the spring…but eh, you never know – I will keep you posted should I get that wanderlust again anytime soon.



Thank you so much for allowing me to share this incredible journey with you -  I hope you enjoyed looking at the photos as much as I have enjoyed taking them.    Please  do check out my additional Photograph page -  it will feature the changing of the leaves as well as all of the other wonderful things that made me want to once again call Tennessee my home.     The adventure continues!!!!































































































































































































































6 Responses to “Photographs, East Coast Adventure”

  1. Deb Sands Says:

    Hey Bonnie…way to go girl!!! I hope you know that Rob and I will always follow your antics and wish you the best of adventures.

  2. Deb Sands Says:

    Sent from our own adventure land…the Jungle Hut, Lubbers Quarters, Abaco, Bahamas.

  3. Deb Sands Says:

    Enjoying another wonderful day!

  4. Glenda Covington Says:

    Hey Bonnie
    Sure miss you and old J & J’s and Melbourne, FL as I am stuck in old Alabama
    (dry county that just became wet only for selling beer not bars) Since I had to give up drinking because of my BP, doesn’t matter to me and my husband just drinks his beer at home. Anyway, I sure enjoyed reading your blog. You have such a way with words. Sure wish I did. Hope your trip doesn’t turn out like the one I had yesterday. I traveled to Severville, TN for our yearly union at my brother’s house. I came from AL, one brother from FL and the other from OK.
    We had a wonderful visit and then I got up at 4 AM so I would miss the Knoxville traffic. Well, lets just say I didn’t miss anything. First a 18 wheeler almost ran me off the wrong big time, then in Chattanooga (where I was born) I-75 was completely shut down due to a 18 wheeler turning over (wonder if it was the one that was falling asleep and almost ran me off the road) While trying to get to the exit to get off at the last minute, hit something in the road and it flew up into my tire cutting a big square in it and chewing up one of the spoke things in my rim. Thank God it was the back and not the front and that I only had to drive on it for 1/2 mile to get off the busy freeway. Then waited for an hour for road side assistance to find I need a special key to unlock my tire lugnuts which they did not give to me with my new car 7 months ago. Went to Pep boys for a tire that cost 129.00 but they wanted to cut off my lug nuts. By that time my niece’s husband showed up to check on me and said no way, I will take you to the dealer. 3 hours later and 265.00, I was on my way. My GPS went crazy and took me around a circle that ended up being 18 miles, then it starts raining (I have a hard time driving in the rain being the old lady that I am now) then 2 not 1 tractor trailers threw rubber and I missed the first one and the second one was beside me and rubber flying every where but missed the worst of that, then the last 35 miles on our little 2 lane highways 2 (again not 1) cars came over the yellow line towards me. By that time I was a mess. I think someone painted (HIT ME) on my white car. Lets just say, it may be a long time before I take another trip, and then only if I can find the back roads like you and stay off the freeways. It was a Friday and I think people must have been in a hurry to hit happy hour. Sorry for the long mail as I usually don ‘t say more than a few words, but I was really wound up! So glad you are having your adventure at this time in your life. If you haven’t grown up by 50…….You don’t have to! Love you kid.

  5. Candace Says:

    Hey Bonnie, your site looks great! And I really enjoyed your June entry with your attempts to photograph Amish folks. Very funny!

  6. Shel Says:

    Love what you’re doing…Look forward to Amish pic’s. We have plenty in MI. Easy to find : ) Be safe!